Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Totally Nail'in this trend...

So this obsession all began on the 4th July, where myself and my besties painted our nails in the colours and style of the American Flag to tie in with it being Independance Day (despite not being American, I LOVE the USA flag and pretty much anything American!)

Inspired by The Beauty Department, my go-to place for all things beauty, fashion and general lovely-ness, I decided to paint my nails in a floral style a few days later. Despite it taking an hour (I'll break it down for you in a mo), it was totally worth it and was showered with compliments over the next 3 days....when I decided to paint my nails in another way (scroll down). 

From my friends to female AND male customers at work, everyone has asked how I did them, most people assuming I had them done professionally. Try it out if you fancy doing something new and different.

Here are my floral inspired nails in its different stages:

Stage 1: Paint each nail in a White polish, and wait for them to dry before adding a second coat of White.

Stage 2: Using a fine tipped make-up brush (if you haven't got one a cocktail stick will do), and make 3 dots on each nail using a Pink/Fuschia polish. 

Stage 3: Using a Red polish, add a Petal-like dots around the Pink dots for definition and to add shape.

Stage 4: Now add a leaf shaped mark around a few of the petals using a Green polish, and do this for each nail.

Stage 5: Finally, add a top coat of Clear polish for a glossy look and to keep your nails protected from being chipped/damaged. 

And ta-da!

My current nail trend is Spots and Stripes, using pastel colours for a vintage-y feel (seen below).

Be inspired.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

London Bound

I had the opportunity to spend two weeks working at Objective Productions between the middle and end of May, where I had an amazing time. I was in my element, getting the tube to work everyday, walking across the bridge by Parliament, working in a building next to the Thames and the London Eye - what a location to work in - and working at a TV company who have won Baftas, Comedy awards etc! And check out the view from the office window! (on a very stormy day!) -

From doing basic jobs like making tea and coffee, to hanging in the Green Room at the BBC with the likes of Rufus Hound and Stephen K Amos - this is the reason why I love TV, every day is different and even the boring jobs don't seem boring.One of the highlights for me though was definatly working with the Head of Entertainment, Matt Crook, on a couple research jobs, putting together applicant profile packages for a Channel 4 pitch, and a new show idea format, was a privilege to work for him for a few days.

I'm a complete city girl at heart, and I fell in love with the city even more (not as much as my love for New York quite yet though...). The pace, the cosmopolitan lifestyle, the shops, the diversity - everything that I want in a place to live is there, and now I'm home I feel pretty lost. My friends and family are the only reasons keeping me in Cheltenham, and as friends start moving back home after Uni and other close friends going travelling or moving away, I have started to tell myself that I need that escape now too. London - here I come!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Pussycat Envy

I admired her as a Pussycat Doll. I admired her on Dancing with the Stars. I admire her even more as a Solo Artist.

Nicole Scherzinger's new album 'Killer Love' is fierce. Especially her new single, the 3rd track released from the album, 'Right There', featuring 50 Cent. Some have said the sound of this song reminds them of something Rihanna would release, but I don't think Rihanna could have done this song any better than Nicole, especially when it comes to those famous Pussycat Doll dance moves.

Photo: coverlandia.net

She scored her first UK number one single with 'Don't Hold Your Breath', and I'm hoping 'Right There' will give her a 2nd number one. What a woman! Serious body envy, time to hit the gym and off the carbs!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A new chapter....

So, I've started many different blogs in the past and have either forgotten to keep up with it or have got completely confused about how the whole thing works. This seems to be the simplest blog site I have seen/used, so I'm giving it a go. 

I have just pretty much finished my three years studying Television Production at University, which is slightly scary/exciting! After 18 years of education, I'm looking forward to actually doing what I want to do without the constraints of school and University rules. That said, I will definatly miss a huuge part of what comes with education - socialising, meeting new people, student discount, summer holidays etc.

So I'm going to use this as an online diary (perhaps more Carrie Bradshaw than Bridget Jones), as I have loved writing since I was a child. I remember just writing for the sake of writing, going through Clothing and Argos catalogues and writing down the codes and descriptions of all the items I wanted but couldn't afford as a 10 year old. Even writing my own television scripts for already established American Television shows like Friends and Dawson's Creek, as well as my own TV ideas (little did I know 10 years later I would be studying a degree in TV Production....) Also as I have almost finished Uni life, I have a little more time on my hands so I definatly will be able to keep up with writing more and being creative, instead of writing essays.

As the saying goes, 'When one door closes, another one opens'......